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Cultivating Confidence & Self-Esteem in Girls

Our Mission

Passion is Powerful's mission is to ignite passion & purpose in young girls by helping them to discover who they are and to develop their creative voice.

Our discipleship programs are designed to build godly confidence & character in the girls as they conquer meaningful projects in music and art.
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What girls & parents are saying


Diana Anderson, Worship Pastor

"Delfina is a spirit-led creative with an incredible mentoring and teaching gift. She genuinely sows into each young heart with inspiration, encouragement, and a unique ability to find the creative spark within and fan it into a flame!" 
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About Delfina

Delfina Geus is a musician, singer/songwriter, author and the founder & academy director of Passion is Powerful.


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Core Values

Explore our 10-week signature program, 'IGNITE' and discover how the girls must work together to conquer team challenges built around the arts and designed to make a difference in the local community.

Watch as your daughter blossoms in our IGNITE program. We will draw out her unique voice & creative gifts, as well as teach her how to collaborate, communicate, empower, lead and encourage her teammates.

Look inside the heart of Passion is Powerful. Our core values are what set us apart from other programs because we care about discipling girls in their true, God-given identities.

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