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Fall '23 Enrollment


Welcome to GLORY! Returning IGNITE participants are welcome to enroll in a group.

Welcome to 

GLORY! is Passion is Powerful's 10-week continuing program for returning IGNITE participants. This program builds on last season's lessons as we explore what it means to live a life of passion & purity as earthen vessels designed for God's glory! 


10 Sessions   |   3hrs each   |   Various Locations

GLORY is a 10-week program. Each session is 3-hours long. Returning Passion is Powerful IGNITE girls meet weekly to explore what it means to take care of our body, mind, heart and spirit as carriers of God's glory. This program (like all the others) combines the best of music & art and community service.


Ready to jump in?

Program Details

Program Overview & Details

GLORY! is Passion is Powerful's continuing program after IGNITE. The goal of each session is build on the previous season's lessons and bring meaning to what God says about us as 'earthen vessels destined for glory.' Sessions are designed to spark conversations around how we take care of our body, heart, mind and spirit to live powerful & pure lives filled with God's glory. As in all Passion is Powerful curriculum, the girls have fun doing music, art and service projects for the community. 


Social/emotional skills this program emphasizes include teamwork, money & time management, problem solving, communication, managing fear & shame, practicing inclusivity & empathy, time management, leadership & delegation, using kind words, setting boundaries, managing emotions, and expressing needs. 


Spirit-filled joy, creativity and service are at the core of everything we do. Our sessions teach the girls that they were designed for God's glory and that it's important to lead a life of intentionality with Jesus to keep our body, heart, mind and spirit connected to God. We involve the Holy Spirit in all our conversations and everything we do. We experience freedom and godly self-worth when we live our lives this way.

Additional Program Details:

• Groups are only open to returning IGNITE participants. 

• Group sizes are small. We build teams of 10-12 girls maximum.

• Transportation is provided when sessions have location changes. 

• We keep an adult to child ratio of 1:8. All full-time Passion is Powerful employees will be required to undergo fingerprinting & a background check prior to being on-site with the kids.

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