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IGNITE is Passion is Powerful's 10-week introductory program for girls. This program combines the best of music, art, and community service projects designed to ignite purpose & passion in the girls as they discover the power of making art that makes a difference in the world around them.

Real-life Results & *Transformation*

Our sessions are designed to help girls grow in the following areas:

• conquering fear & shyness 

• relating to other girls beyond their friend group

• speaking kind encouraging words to one another

• practicing inclusivity

• learning about their emotions & identity 

• growing in hearing God's voice

• putting their faith into action outside of the house

Program Details

IGNITE - circle _edited.png
10 Sessions   |   3hrs each   |   Various Locations

IGNITE is an 10-week program. Each session is 3-hours long. Each group takes on it's own character and energy based on the personalities of the group. Even with mixed ages, there is room for each girl to be exactly who she is.

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Post-Session Engagement

We go beyond just the 3-hours we spend with your daughter.
Each IGNITE participant also receives:
Access to a private group page that has weekly
* Handwritten, personalized prophetic letters from the leader *
Access to a private IGNITE session videos
* A weekly video that reinforces what we learned in our session *
Access to a private photo gallery from our adventures
* to give your daughter a POSITIVE ONLINE MEDIA experience *

View Payment & Registration

Click here to view our Spring 2024 season schedule, pricing and registration information.

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