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Fall '23 Registration


Join us for an exiting season of IGNITE! Find the group that works best for your daughter.


IGNITE is Passion is Powerful's 10-week introductory program for girls. This program combines the best of music, art, and community service projects designed to ignite purpose & passion in the girls as they discover the power of making art that makes a difference in the world around them.



10 Sessions   |   3hrs each   |   Various Locations

IGNITE is an 10-week program. Each session is 3-hours long. The team of girls meets weekly to conquer all kinds of art challenges designed to 'ignite' their creativity and purpose as they use their gifts to impact the community. The program culminates with an end-of-season performance put on by each group.

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Program Details

Program Overview & Details

IGNITE is Passion is Powerful's introductory program. The goal of each session is to equip the girls with new spiritual, emotional, and artistic tools to unlock their creativity, identity, and passion to impact the world around them with what they create. Each session involves an artistic challenge of some kind that the girls must conquer as a team. 


Social/emotional skills we emphasize include collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, managing fear & shame, practicing inclusivity & empathy, time management, leadership & delegation, using kind words, setting boundaries, managing emotions, and expressing needs. 


Spirit-filled joy, creativity, and service is at the core of everything we do. Our sessions teach the girls that they were designed by God to be creative, and that their creativity is best used to add value to those around them. We involve the Holy Spirit in everything we create so that what we make makes a difference. We experience purpose & joy in our artistic, creative expression when we live life this way.

Additional Program Details:

• We have 2 to 3 groups available per season. 

• Group sizes are small. We build teams of 10-12 girls maximum.

• Girls ages 9-14 are welcome to enroll.

• Transportation is provided when sessions have location changes. 

• There is always a second leader assisting Delfina with sessions. All full-time Passion is Powerful employees will be required to undergo fingerprinting & a background check prior to being on-site with the kids.

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