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Ms. Delfina Ure

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Ms. Delfina

Delfina Ure
Founder, Passion Is Powerful

Hi! I'm Delfina Ure and I'm the founder of Passion is Powerful songwriting program for children.

My Background

I grew up singing in the church choir at American Martyrs Church in Manhattan Beach, CA. I learned guitar from YouTube at 16yrs old and in high school I led the New Life Christian Club. My singing career took off after graduation and I quickly arrived on the scene in Hollywood. In 2010, I performed in Times Square for 1.2M people on New Year's Eve and my music was featured in national TV commercials with Nivea. 

My Testimony

I had a powerful "come to Jesus" moment in 2019 after a decade of pursuing a music career in Hollywood. I dropped my pursuits to follow Him. I stepped into my vocation of teaching and singing in a whole new way, fully embracing the beauty of leading worship and the power of leading children to Christ through music. I'm overjoyed everyday for the opportunity to awaken the gifts inside our little ones. I believe good teachers and role models are vital to our youth, especially in the modern world we live in. Every child deserves to know they matter, they have a voice, and they can make a difference in the world through their art.

Beyond my vocational time spent teaching, I'm developing projects that will scale the impact of my work and provide children worldwide with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration they need for growing their gifts, finding their God-given identity, and impacting the world with their music.

Fun Stuff

I play guitar and piano and I'm learning to play the harp. I love learning new languages! I speak Spanish and English fluently, I also speak Italian pretty well and I'm learning French. You can often find me with a tambourine in hand or gardening, surfing, reading, journaling, and hiking. 

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