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Ms. Delfina Ure

Call/Text: 424-247-6808





Passion Is Powerful Offers private lessons for kids learning to grow as musicians, singers, and songwriters. Each lesson is designed to enhance students' unique gifts, needs, and learning styles and bring out their best. 

All sessions are taught in the context of songwriting. First students learn to play an instrument while studying the song structure of popular music. Then we transition to writing our own songs by learning basic music theory, putting our favorite chords together, and exploring our lyric ideas through journaling. 




Passion Is Powerful Group Songwriting Sessions are a great way for best friends to get to know each other on a whole new level. Students are invited to share their original ideas about interesting subjects, and are taught to collaborate in making a unique song that represents the entire group. 

Students play their own instruments, write their own music and lyrics, and learn how to share the creative process and listen to each other's ideas. 





Our Worship Band is a scripture-centered, singing & songwriting performance program for kids. We sing, play and perform popular Christian songs, write our own worship songs, and study the Bible together. 


Our band is made up of singers, songwriters, and musicians playing guitar, piano, bass, and drums. We welcome all expressions of music and worship and believe the Holy Spirit moves through all the spiritual gifts, igniting a passion for Jesus in our own hearts and in the hearts of those who hear us. 

The Passion is Powerful Worship Band is a service-oriented group. We perform for local hospitals, group homes, church communities and more. 


Teacher & Passion Leader